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Fiona L Smith




Clinic in Bristol:

Monday 7'30-9'30pm

Tuesday 1'30-5'30pm

Friday 9'30-1'30pm

Contact me on 07747 514971

I'm happy to offer a short free consultation prior to booking



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Fiona SmithAbout Fiona (BA Hons, RTT, ITEC, CThA)

Fiona holds full insurance as a registered Traditional Thai Massage therapist and teacher and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

After graduating, Fiona lived in Spain for 9 years working first in educational theatre, then as a teacher trainer and editor in ELT publishing. She began her training in massage and yoga in 2001 in Thailand and alongside this she began to practice Vipassana meditation, going on retreat regularly to deepen her practice. Over seven years she worked under and learned with a number of different Thai Massage teachers and Masters including Asokananda (author of The Art of Traditional Thai Massage) who authorised her to teach for The Sunshine Network in 2004; she did her UK training with her sister Nicky Smith in the UK and continued her advanced studies with Thai Master Pichet Boonthume. In 2005, she did her Yoga Teacher Training with Louisa Sear (Yoga Arts) and has also been influenced in her yoga practice and teaching through work with Rudra (Iyengar), Clive Sheridan, Donna Farhi & Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten.

Fiona had a massage clinic in Greece for four years, where she also taught private and group yoga classes. On her return to the UK, she joined Nicola at Bodywisdom in 2007 and now both teaches massage and has her clinic in Bristol. In 2010 Fiona integrated her training and teaching experience when she trained as a life coach. Currently she combines this with her work at UWE (University of the West of England) as a mentor for the Wellbeing & Disability Service, providing student support.

In recent years, 5 Rhythms Dance (with Leigh Tolson, and Dawn Morgan of Shapeshift) has both informed and supported her work as a bodyworker and therapist; the dance has led to a deeper understanding and release of holding patterns in her own body and an even more subtle awareness of how energy moves through us, both when moving alone and with another. In 2010, Fiona trained as a Tui Na therapist with Maria Mercati and so is able to combine an understanding of the Chinese Meridian system with the Thai Sen and so, again, deepen the therapeutic potential of her work. Other studies include Naturopathic Nutrition (2007) with CNN; CST the Upledger Institute (2006) and she has also completed her Reiki initiation (2006).

Sitting somewhere between her professional  and personal life is Fiona's interest in food as part of a way to better health. To this end, she began to make raw chocolate a few years ago ("if you can't give it up, make it good for you!"She makes fabulously indulgent - and very healthy - raw treats and offers workshops in chocolate making to individuals and small groups. She also makes chocolates to order and soon hopes to be supplying an exciting new cafe in Bristol.

Fiona is the co-director of Bodywisdom School. For details of our courses please visit


Traditional Thai massage

what is Traditional Thai massage?

Spain Sept_Oct 136.jpgTraditional Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an holistic practice that views the body as an alive system of energy. When this energy becomes blocked or imbalanced in some way, it  can lead to ‘dis-ease’ in the physical body.

This deep, healing massage works to overcome & prevent imbalances. It combines the use of gentle yoga-based stretches with sensitive acupressure  & manipulation to suit each person, creating a powerful tool for physical, energetic and emotional well-being.




a little history

golden buddha.JPG

Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in the medical system of Ayurveda. It is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Baccha who was physician to the Buddha and was part of the knowledge and teachings that migrated from India to Thailand alongside Buddhism over 2000 years ago.

Since then it has been practiced, developed and handed down through the generations and it is this teaching from master to student that makes this work the intuitive healing art it is. It has always been seen as a spiritual practice, not just a massage and until recently was mainly practiced in the Thai Buddhist temples. It is the physical application of ‘Metta’ (loving kindness) and enables both giver and receiver to open energy channels and be healed. In Thailand, Thai Massage is commonly used to treat injury and to help in rehabilitation and it has much in common with physiotherapy.




your  treatment

You wear light, comfortable clothing and your massage is given on a firm but comfortable futon on the floor. Cushions are used if appropriate to support your body in order that you can let go completely. We also use music, incense, candles… whatever puts you most at ease and creates an environment that allows you to relax and enjoy.

traditional Thai Massage benefits:

·         hands (5).jpgsports people, deep massage to both prevent injury and help in post-injury rehabilitation

·         those who wish to feel more grounded and in contact with their bodies

·         those who need pain relief for chronic or acute back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or injuries                                   

·         in pregnancy – improving energy flow, reducing water retention and ‘heavy legs’, connecting with your baby

·         those in high power or stressful environments who need to switch off and renew – very calming and relaxing


·         asthmatic conditions; opening out the chest cavity and allowing greater ease in breathing

·         digestive difficulties – detoxifying the internal organs

·         helps deep detoxification and boosts circulation of both blood and lymph

·         in increasing flexibility – both for those who are already flexible (for example, yoga and pilates practitioners) and those who feel stiff and uncomfortable

·         both the old and young; fit and unfit


Thai Foot Massage – for those who love feet!      1 hour

Thai foot massage has evolved from Chinese and Japanese massages and is practiced widely in Thailand today as an approximate equivalent to Western reflexology. Treatments usually last an hour and include work on the energy lines in the lower legs. The shoulders, arms and hands, neck and head can also be treated at the end of the massage.


The benefits include:

·         Improved circulation and toxin removal

·          Stimulated lymphatic drainage

·         Boosting the function of the immune system

·         Stress relief

·         Improved sleep

·         Clarity and calmness of mind



Thai Herbal Compress Massage

This deeply relaxing massage has been practiced by Thai healers for many hundreds of years; the steamed, hot herbal compresses provide a truly unique experience – one that stimulates the senses whilst the deep penetrating warmth and blend of up to 20 Thai herbs soothes and alleviates muscle tension and aches and pains. The massage can also promote a powerful body purification and detoxification process.

It is a delicious experience to feel the deeply relaxing, penetrating heat from the hot herbal compresses as you receive a massage from the pressure of the packs being applied rhythmically to the body. The use of specially blended herbs has been scientifically and medically proven to be of benefit to the body’s wellbeing. This massage releases stress and physically and emotional tension from the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and pampered.

The benefits include:

·         Detoxification and purification

·         Deep relaxation

·         Stress relief

·         Clarity and calmness

·         A deep connection with the body



Tui Na

The easiest way to describe Tui Na massage is as applied acupuncture with no needles, with all the benefits of hands-on treatment! With its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is one of the oldest systems of bodywork still practiced. It has been widely used in China for centuries in the treatment of chronic and acute pain and for conditions that are usually treated in this country by osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists or with drugs.

Fortunately, the West is beginning to realise the deep, lasting benefits of TCM and Tui Na. Over 2500 years ago, the techniques and effects of this massage were documented in The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine which makes modern Tui Na the most tried and tested hands-on therapy in the world.


What does it treat?

Tui Na treats chronic pain and acute pain, especially pain caused by muscle-skeletal conditions and injuries. It can help with:


·         Neck pain and stiffness

·         Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder

·         Back pain

·         Sciatica

·         Repetitive strain injuries, e.g. tennis elbow


Treating a specific condition with Tui Na also improves the overall flow of Qi, or energy, in the body which means that headaches, migraines, IBS, constipation, PMS and a whole range of emotional problems which may lead to insomnia, depression or eating disorders can also be effectively treated.


Treatments Available          relax.......revitalise........renew........refresh

lotus.JPGTraditional Thai massage: 90mins/2hrs

A Traditional Thai massage usually lasts up to 2 hours (sometimes more) in order have full therapeutic benefit and create energetic & physical balance…Suitable for all ages & needs and I promise you that time flies!


Thai massage - dynamic or relaxation:  1 hr

A relaxing shorter session is, of course, of benefit. Thai techniques are applied  to relieve pain & tension mainly on the back, legs, neck & shoulders & head - our main ‘problem’ areas.


Thai & Ayurvedic massage: 1 -2 hrs

For those who love the use of oils, especially on the back, neck & shoulders. We combine Traditional Thai and Ayurvedic techniques using organic oils to achieve deep relaxation & therapeutic benefit.



Thai massage in pregnancy: (1-2 hours)

PThigh2done.jpgTraditional Thai Massage is of huge benefit to both you and your baby. We work on a supportive mat/futon on the floor in whatever position is most comfortable for you (often on your side, particularly later in your pregnancy), supporting your body with pillows so you are comfortable and relaxed throughout. The massage works on a number of different levels; energetic, emotional and physical. We use a combination of pressure, gentle stretches and manipulation in order to achieve a complete balance. This is important during a time when emotions and hormones can run riot and your body is going through constant changes.


Receiving Thai Massage before, during and after your pregnancy boosts your immunity, improves your energy levels, prepares you for labour and helps you find greater ease in your body. It’s great for relieving the legs and lower back of aches and pains associated with carrying your baby and can also effectively treat those difficult to reach areas of the upper back and shoulders. The massage is a wonderful time for you to relax and for you to bond with your baby who also benefits enormously both energetically and physically.

After your pregnancy, it’s the perfect way for you to reconnect with your body and take care of yourself whilst you care for your new baby.



Sports performance & injury rehabilitation (1-2 hours)

Traditional Thai Massage works on a number of different levels. In training and performance we function both physically and energetically. Thai Massage works to relieve muscle tension that comes from strong exercise or sport and clear both physical and energy blockages that may lead to injury. Having worked with referrals from gyms over several years, I have experience in treating bodybuilders, runners and swimmers as well as those who follow a fitness regime for general fitness and know that it greatly enhances sports performance as well as speeding recovery from injury.

Thai Massage works holistically, that is - on the whole body - from the feet upwards, releasing tension in the legs, hips and pelvis that may cause problems in the lower back. Likewise, you can be treated for arm, shoulder or neck tension. Deep pressure on muscle using hands, elbows or knees, combined with stretching, manipulation and energy work means that you receive a complete balancing for the whole body. You can expect improved flexibility, better circulation of blood and lymph, detoxification, greater ease in breathing, lubrication of joints and profound relaxation.


Thai Herbal Compress Massage           (1 hour/ 2 hours combined with Thai Massage or Tuina)

The treatment is given using the massage compresses instead of hands. The compresses are soaked and then steamed to provide a deep penetrating warmth. The compresses are applied by patting, rolling and kneading, giving a gentle but deeply effective massage. The heat carries the herbal essences deep into the skin, underlying tissues and organs. The treatment brings about a deep sensation of comfort and warmth, whilst stimulating the body to detoxify and heal itself and soothing general aches and pains.



Tui Na                        1 hour (initial session 1 hr 15 mins)

Tui Na is given fully clothed. Patients sit on a chair (for neck and shoulder work) or lie on a massage couch. I will ask you some questions about your state of health before you receive your treatment. It is a vigorous massage; every technique involves both the application of pressure and movement of the muscle and soft tissue as I work on your physical body in order to affect the flow of energy in the Meridians and specific Qi points. After your first session you may feel a little sore as your muscles release long-held tension and Qi begins to flow. Most people adjust quickly to the deep pressure involved and the benefits are felt physically, mentally and emotionally.





Details of raw chocolate making & life coaching available soon




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